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When a Florida hurricane attacks without warning, Kay John's life is forever changed. At twenty-four, from a small Idaho town, Kay is ill equipped to deal with the world of sex and violence that she has been blown into. Finding herself in a world of serial killers and avenging angels, she is quickly finding herself with nowhere to run.
Eddie Richleau is willing to cross any lines to climb the ladder in his grandfathers crime organization and line his pockets, and if a few girls have to die to make that happen, so be it.
Federal Officer Sean Colvin and his crew are committed to catching the latest serial killer loose in Tampa. If he is not careful he is going to lose more than he bargained for.
Add in Michael, a self proclaimed righteous man in the middle of a crisis of faith, and things are about to get interesting indeed!
After losing her twin sister in an accident, Lisa decides to take the trip of a lifetime that they had been planning together since they were young. 
From the moment the plane lands in France her vacation begins to go sideways as she finds herself involved with smuggling, murder and terrorists.  Her dream is quickly becoming a nightmare.
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